Type of voltage 3 phase alternative
Operating frequency 50 Hz
Service type Continuous service
The altitude of the facility location above sea level Below 1,000 m unless otherwise stated
Voltage adjustment With 5-position, free-adjustable commutator lever by YG
Over voltage Ability to work at 5% over voltage continuously
Temporarily overloading In accordance with IEC 60354
Cooling type Natural with oil (YT) (ONAN)
Winding warming setting 65K in accordance with TS EN 60076
Connection type and group Yzn or Dyn for powers up to 200 kVA, Dyn for 250 kVA and higher powers. Connection group 5 or 11.
Iron and copper losses, short circuit voltage, no-load current As stipulated by TS and International standards




With our experienced and expert project and product development staff, the specifications are at high efficiency, We design transformers with robustness that can serve for many years.

In order for our products to be at a high level of efficiency, design is made using the latest system technology and high quality materials in all design and production processes.

Our team conducts customer-specific design studies in line with the development of high durability and quality products..

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trafo teknik özellikleri


Core , which is the main element of transformers and defined as the core; It is produced from magnetic silicon steel plates whose grains are oriented. We realize the core production by using conventional or high magnetic permeability (HB) material, depending on the features of the project.


Cylindrical / elliptical coils are used in power and distribution transformers, which are more resistant to forces occurring during short circuit. Except for HV coils of small type distribution transformers, LV and HV conductors are used, using insulation materials with high insulating properties, It is isolated in wire insulation machines.

In power transformers, layer winding, overturned respect, radial channel winding, etc. Various winding shapes are applied such as.


Boiler and cover production of power and distribution transformers are carried out within our factory, except for radiators and corrugated walls. Boilers and covers are produced with high quality in a short time with our modern machinery in accordance with the drawing and technical values ​​of the project.


After the transformer boilers have passed the test procedures successfully, they are removed from oil, dirt, dust and metal residues to strengthen the contact of the paint with the metal surface. needs to be cleaned. For this, the boilers and all metal parts are subjected to sandblasting.

Metal parts are painted with one or more layers of special protective primer paint. Transformer boilers will be exposed to difficult weather conditions for many years As it is known, it is painted using a special paint with a thickness of at least 105 microns that can resist these difficult conditions.

trafo kazan ve kapak
trafo montaj ve kurutma


Components that make up the transformer active part are combined in the assembly section. Coils are placed in the cores. Commutators, bushings and all connections performed. Some parts are insulated against possible overvoltages. In order for the active part to be durable in terms of mechanical strength It is fed with additional supplements. The active part whose assembly process is completed is subjected to the drying process in a solvent vapor vacuum oven. Classic drying process is 5 times longer than the drying time in the solvent vapor vacuum oven. Long time, transformers ages the insulation materials used. The short drying time in the vacuum oven with solvent vapor causes the insulation to age. constitutes an obstacle.

During the process, unwanted materials such as oil, dirt, dust, rust in the whole transformer are cleaned with solvent sprinkling. The use of solvent vapor furnaces capable of high vacuum in the production of hermetic and power transformers is very important in terms of product quality.


  • Magnetic and Contact Oil Level Indicator
  • Air Dryer
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Buchholz Relay
  • Contact Oil Temperature Thermometer
  • Multifunctional Hermetic Protection Device
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trafo testleri




  • These are the tests applied to each transformer manufactured in accordance with TS EN 60076-1 and IEC standards.


  • Tests applied to one of the transformers with the same characteristics, according to the customers' request.


  • These are the tests determined as a result of mutual negotiations with the customer.
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