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Expansion Tank Transformer

Our Transformators with Expansion Tank, which we produce under the brand of MDS Transformer, have a power range of 25 -2500 kVA, up to 36 kV high voltage level, three or single phase, oil, natural cooling (ONAN), with idle tap changer or with automatic tap changer under load, both outside and They are produced to be used inside.
Transformers with expansion tanks are the same with hermetic transformers with their core and coil structure.
The dimensions of the expansion tanks of transformers are designed as a result of calculations to store the expansion of the oil that increases with the temperature.
Since transformers with expansion tanks are open to the atmosphere, changing oil pressure due to thermal effects, the silica gel (air dryer) in the transformer's tank provides air exchange by removing the moisture of the air.
The transformer with expansion tank that is taken into operation loses its silica gel feature over time as a result of air exchange caused by temperature differences depending on the load and causes the oil to moisten and its structure to deteriorate.Therefore, there is maintenance such as changing the silica gel at certain periods and measuring the breakdown voltage by taking samples from the oil.
Expansion Tank Transformer
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